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The Novel, A Week and a Day was recently honored as the Winner in both Mystery/Suspense - Historical, and Science Fiction - Parallel Universe/Alternative History, genres and categories, in the American Book Fest 2023 American Fiction Awards competition.

It is a work of fiction involving mystery, with layers of fantasy, science fiction, history, nostalgia, and a splash of humor. The plot revolves around a World War II airman David Hamilton who suddenly and inexplicably finds himself away from war and home in more ways than one. 

Circumstances force him to rely on two young strangers to help in unravel the mystery and find his way back. Several characters, some very unsavory, cross their path as they trek for days and over 1000 miles in a 1941 Ford Coupe, searching for answers and a resolution. 

After contemplating for a few years on a “what if?” scenario involving a subject matter he found intriguing and considering what a thought-provoking story it might be, the author eventually developed a premise that would fashion the work into a mystery. The writing process began shortly afterward.  

Following a creation period consuming more time than it took Hal to get through high school, the project was completed and is now available on Amazon in paperback and e-book, with the paperback version available in limited numbers, locally from the author.  Order here:

A preview video created by the author is also available for viewing on YouTube.